Wildwood Crossing Scoreboard & Schedule 12/15 – 12/20

It’s a good idea to check with the individual schools to make sure games are still a go…just saying. Don’t blame us if you get there and no one else is there. Also, there may be some games not on the schedule because coaches haven’t posted on MaxPreps or haven’t sent SiskiyouYouth.com a schedule.

To report scores or schedule changes, text or call 530-340-0811. Email: siskiyouyouth@sisqtel.net

Friday, December 19

Girls Basketball
Yreka 25 – McKinleyville 55 @ Mckinleyville Tourney

Mt. Shasta 36 – Quincy 42 @ Hamilton Tourney
Mt. Shasta scoring: Ashley Cain 8, Kacey Cain 8, Abby Manley 6, Madeline Moyer 6

Weed 61 – Los Molinos 22

Weed JV 37 – Mercy JV 17 @ Mercy Tourney

Tulelake 47 – Happy Camp 19 @ Tulelake Tourney
Tulelake scoring: Allie Baley 14, Taylor Herman 11, Emily Adams 10. Tulelake 1/5 from free throw line.
Happy Camp scoring: Abigail Eadie 10. Happy Camp 7/15 from free throw line.

Etna 56 – Paisley 18 @ Tulelake Tourney
Etna wins tourney

Etna 56 – Happy Camp 13 @ Tulelake Tourney

Etna JV 44 – Tulelake JV 33 @ Tulelake Tourney
Etna JV win tourney

Etna JV 57 – Bonanza JV 38 @ Tulelake Tourney

Butte Valley 37 – Hosanna Christian 49 @ Holiday Hoops Tourney (Klamath Falls)

COS 72 – Gavalin 48 @ Monterey Tourney

Boys Basketball
Yreka 68 – Point Arena 34 @ Eureka Tourney
Yreka scoring: Ty Currie 24, Patrick Bigelow 10, Anthony Esparza 9, Cole Wilson 9

Yreka JV 73 – Surprise Valley Var 39 @ Modoc Tourney

Mt. Shasta 60 – Quincy 56 @ Hamilton Tourney, 7:00 pm

Weed 52 – Los Molinos 23

Weed JV 56 – Mercy JV 55 @ Mercy Tourney

Tulelake 37 – Happy Camp 39 @ Tulelake Tourney

Etna 54 – Happy Camp 57 @ Tulelake Tourney
Happy Camp scoring: Peyton Veach 14 (4/4 FT), Chuuk Harrison 14, River Tuttle 13, Connor Mitchell (4/4 FT). Happy Camp 10/13 from free throw line.
Etna scoring: Dominic Villagomes 29 (seven 3-balls), Wade Thackeray 12. Etna 1/10 from free throw line.

Butte Valley 46 – Hosanna Christian 67 @ Holiday Hoops Tourney (Klamath Falls)

Butte Valley JV 29 – Klamath Union Frosh 56 @ Holiday Hoops Tourney (Klamath Falls) (more…)

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Pizza Factory Jackson St. School Student of the Week: Hittson

PizzaFactorySOW Hittson

Blakeley, “has been chosen as the Student of the Week for her good nature and studiousness. She is always pleasant and courteous. She works hard in all her classes and puts in extra time (before school, at lunch or after school) whenever it is needed. She strives to do her very best at all times. As a reward for her hard work, Blakeley Hittson is receiving the Pizza certificate as our Student of the Week this week. Keep up the good work Blakeley! You are a good roll model! Your teachers appreciate you!,” said 8th grade teacher Kelley Velarde.

“Blakeley was also on our volleyball team and has been a strong participant in our music department for 4 years,” said Principal Chris Harris.


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Coffee Brake Lady Bears B-Ball Player of the Week: Ashley Cain

Coffee Brake POW B-Ball A Cain

The Coffee Brake Lady Bears Basketball Player of the Week is Ashley Cain.

Ashley, “gained confidence each game (last week), and began to work herself into basketball form. (She) played brilliantly on offense and defense in the Lassen game on Saturday,” said Coach Kirk Andrus. (more…)

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Miner Perk Boys Soccer Player of the Week: Schack

Miner Perk Soccer Schack

The Miner Perk Yreka Boys Soccer Player of the Week is Miles Schack.

Miles is a, “vital part of our defense, a team captain, and got a goal in the Red Bluff Tournament. He’s a leader and heart of the team,” said Coach Scott Daugherty. (more…)

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Scott River Custom Cabinets Lions Basketball Player of the Week: Schott

SR Cabinets POW Schott

The Scott River Custom Cabinets Lions Basketball Player of the Week is Adam Schott.

Coach Charnna Gilmore chose Lampert for his solid defensive and rebounding efforts, as well as his senior leadership. (more…)

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Pepsi Lady Cougar B-Ball Player of the Week: Jones

Pepsi Lady Cougars Basketball Jones

Destinee Jones is the Pepsi of Mt. Shasta Lady Cougar B-Ball Player of the Week.

Jones averaged 12 points and 9 rebounds per game last week. (more…)

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Registration open for Design Class at COS

Eloise Larson will be teaching Design 1 (ART 1002-01 / #3002) and Design 2 (ART 1003-01 / #3003) at COS beginning January 12, 2015. Larson is a master artist who has lived and taught in Siskiyou County since 2004.

This course will focus on the use of the elements of design (line, shape, value, texture, color and space) in art compositions. Students will explore these topics in various mediums, including painting, printmaking, collage and drawing. The classes will meet Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:00 to 11:50 am, at the Weed Campus in McCloud Hall, room 4.

Although Design 1 is a beginning level course, Larson will structure the class to meet the needs of all students, including the experienced artist. For more information please contact Larson at larson@siskiyous.edu. (more…)

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Subway Bears B-Ball Player of the Week: Gonzalez

Subway Mt Shasta Gonzalez (more…)

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Panthers sweep SCAL Tourney

SCAL LG Champ Front copy

Photos by Howard Albecker

The Scott Valley Junior High Panthers swept the SCAL girls Large School League Tourney, held on Wednesday at Sisson School.

The eighth grade Panthers defeated Sisson, 30-16, in the championship game.

The Panther 7th graders defeated Jackson Street, 31-22, in the title tilt. (more…)

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Miner Perk Yreka Girls Soccer Player of the Week: Nielsen

Miner Perk Soccer Nielsen

The Miner Perk Yreka Girls Soccer Player of the Week is Kendall Nielsen.

Kendall, “is playing very good soccer right now,” said Coach Brian Cowley. (more…)

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Community Fitness Workout: Fitness for Fun this spring at COS

Come join fitness enthusiast Mike Read for a motivating community exercise experience sure to shape you up. This is an inexpensive group exercise merging weight circuit training, aerobic workouts, and delusions of 6-pack abs.

Read’s class involves some moderate challenges, lots of fun, great music and interaction between like-minded fitness junkies of all ages. Community Fitness Workout (XFW 0333 / #3338) is one of many in the COS Extension Program’s offerings scheduled for spring 2015. The class will meet in the COS Weed Campus Gym Weight Room on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 4:30 to 5:20 pm, beginning January 12. The fitness class is a full semester class and will continue to meet until May 8, 2015. (more…)

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Pepsi Lady Eagles Basketball Player of the Week: Neel

Lady Eagle Basketball Player of the Week Neel

The Pepsi of Mt. Shasta Lady Eagles Basketball Player of the Week is Jillian Neel.

“Jill helped us sweep our three-game road trip by playing well at both ends of the floor. In our final game, against San Mateo, she had 9 points, 11 defensive rebounds and 10 assists,” said Coach Tom Powers.


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Golden Rush Espresso Miner Boys Basketball Player of the Week: Bigelow

GoldenRushB-Ball Bigelow

The Golden Rush Espresso Miner Boys Basketball Player of the Week is Patrick Bigelow.

Patrick, “is a hard worker that improves every game,” said Coach Christian Birch.

Bigelow leads the Miners in rebounds per game. (more…)

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Wildwood Crossing Lady Lions B-Ball Player of the Week: Gomes

B-Ball Player Gomes

The Wildwood Crossing Etna Lions Player of the Week is Sage Gomes.

Gomes is averaging eight points per game so far this season, and has already made more 3-ponters than last seasons’s entire Etna team made. (more…)

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Beverly Morgan’s Fact of the Week: Senate

Bev Fact SenateElect

The 17th Amendment established direct election of the Senate by popular vote.


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Subway Trinity Girls B-Ball Player of the Week: Palermo

SubwayTrinityB-Ball Palermo (more…)

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Yreka v Henley Girls B-Ball photos

Yreka v Henley Front copy

Photos are from Yreka varsity, junior varsity and frosh girls games played on December 16, 2014. (more…)

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