COS to present “The Peruvian Retablos” of Claudio Jimenez Quispe


svpt-small.jpgWEED – The College of the Siskiyous Diversity Council invites the public to view an exhibit by world-renowned Peruvian master Retablos artist, Claudio Jimenez Quispe. Demonstrations will be presented at the Weed Campus in the Learning Resources Center on Wednesday, November 19 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm, and in Yreka at the Liberty Arts Center on Friday, November 21 from 5 to 7 p.m. While at COS, he will also be visiting classes and giving demonstrations.

Retablos are intricate, three-dimensional folk art shadowboxes.  Jimenez comes from a generations-long tradition of retablistos, or retablo makers, in the Andean region of Ayacucho, Peru, though he and his family now live and work in Lima, Peru. The art of retablos is hundreds of years old, often depicting one of two genres: Costumbristas, with traditional festivals and daily activities, or testimonials, with themes of social and political change. The retablos show to the people the history, the literature, the costumes and the art, and also some politics.

Jimenez began as a nine year-old child working with his grandfather, also a master artist in retablos. Their experience and practice came by repairing religious scenes on altarpieces at the churches in their villages. The intensive process of retablo assembly takes days. Figures are shaped with a flour and glue plaster mix, dried, reinforced with more glue and painted with three coats of tempera. Traditionally, the works are also made with potatoes in Peru.

For more information contact Dr. Barry Russell at (530) 938-5201 or send an email to The Weed Campus may also be reached by calling toll-free (888) 397-4339.

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