2013 Siskiyou Golden Fair rodeo random photos by Letty Wolf

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COS Natural Resources classes start September 3

The College of the Siskiyous Natural Resources program is starting two weeks after regular classes begin this fall to give students more time to participate in summer internships and jobs.

COS Natural Resources faculty and program coordinator Jim Ostrowski said, “The students are involved in forestry, wildlife, firefighting and natural resource monitoring jobs and it is important that they can finish the field season through the Labor Day weekend. Their summer jobs give them an opportunity to put their classroom knowledge to work in the real world and gain valuable career experiences.”

The Natural Resources Program at COS offers an Associate of Science Degree in Natural Resources which prepares students for exciting careers in forest management, wildlife management, and natural resources conservation. Many students choose to transfer their COS class units to four year colleges such as Humboldt State and continue on for a Bachelor of Science degree. (more…)

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Video: Siskiyou Golden Fair CCPRA Rodeo Saddle Bronc & Steer Wrestling

If Vimeo video is blocked at your location, click on video below (more…)

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Video: Siskiyou Golden Fair CCPRA Rodeo flag entry & bareback

If Vimeo video is blocked at your location, click on video below (more…)

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A bit of slack at the Siskiyou Golden Fair CCPRA Rodeo

Photos from Slack on Saturday afternoon at the 2013 Siskiyou Golden Fair CCPRA Rodeo.


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NVAL Swim Championship photos by Maggie Nielsen

Information provided by Maggie Nielsen

Last weekend, 15 members of Scott Valley Swim Team attended the North Valley Aquatic League Championships held at Shasta College in Redding. Every swimmer medaled and six placed in the top-5 High Point for their age division.

Swimmers competing were: Jenna Justice, Grace Hubbard, Trey Bennett, Robert Greene, Riley Ratkoviak, Lee Wessell, Mason Justice, Halliday Hubbard, Megan Bennett, Caitlin Bennett, Bailey Fisher, Mac Wessell, Kaitlyn Solano, Kendall Nielsen, and Wyatt Monday. (more…)

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Photos: Thursday at the Siskiyou Golden Fair



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COS Theater Department announces auditions for “The Crucible”

Submitted article

Auditions for the College of the Siskiyous Theatre Department’s Fall Drama, The Crucible are set for Tuesday, August 27 and 28 from 3:30 to 6:00 pm.

Winner of the 1953 Tony Award for Best Play, The Crucible is Arthur Miller’s exciting drama about the Puritan purge of witchcraft in old Salem. It is both a gripping historical play and a timely parable of our contemporary society. The story begins with a young farmer, and his wife going to court to defend themselves from accusations of witchcraft from a young servant-girl. (more…)

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Photos: Wednesday at the Siskiyou Golden Fair


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Video: Ron Lillard receives Lifetime Pass to Siskiyou Golden Fair

Vimeo may be blocked in schools and other places. If so, click (more…)

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Yreka XC tames Steens Mountain to prepare for title defense

Photos and report by Yreka Cross Country coach Pam Borg

Our team has been working hard this summer meeting four days a week, running anywhere from 4-12 miles a day to prepare for a successful season.

In July, fifteen boys ventured off to the Steens Mountain Elite High Altitude Running Camp in eastern Oregon. There they took advantage of the opportunity to bond and strengthen their team by participating in mentally and physically challenging activities such as: The Big Day-a 33-mile day of hiking and running starting at 9500 ft at the top of the Big Indian Gorge and down, then back out of the Blitzen Gorge at 8000ft, crossing creeks and climbing up over rock cliffs only to be met with a 7-mile run back to camp.

Cross Canyon was a team race where they started at the bottom of a glacier and had to trek through creeks, rock cliffs, thick trees and bushes to find their way back to home base with all their teammates in hand. (more…)

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BINGO, a game of chance invented in 1929 and has been played with passion at the Siskiyou Golden Fair for generations. Once again, the calls of “BINGO” will reverberate off the walls of the Howard Trivelpiece-Ag-Hort Building.

The Etna Lions Club, which was chartered in 1935, are the happy hosts of the parlor and will be calling games from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Wednesday, Noon to 10:00 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and from Noon to 8:00 pm on Sunday.

Proceeds from this activity go to the many projects funded by the local club, including eyeglasses and local scholarships for high school seniors. B3, I29, N38, G52, O63 – BINGO! (more…)

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What makes a great coach?

Opinion by Ray Wolf

A week or so ago, I posted an article on what coaches believe makes a great athlete. Topping the list of attributes were genetics, work ethic and mental toughness. This time around, I asked athletes what three things they think make a great coach. About 50 athletes responded. They ranged from sophomores in high school to a few years out of college. The respondents also ranged from moderately successful in sports to being a national championship pitcher. While I tried to stay away from the ones I knew were coaching, a couple have joined the coaching ranks—one became a coach while we were having a multiday facebook conversation. Also, there are few that are yet to respond, and I’ll add them later.

Not surprisingly, the most often cited attribute for making a great coach was knowledge. By knowledge, the athletes meant both knowledge of the game, and knowledge of coaching techniques and strategies.

Number-two was two-way communication. The athletes feel that not only is it important for coaches to communicate well when explaining and teaching, but also to listen to the players concerning all facets of the game and practices. How important is good communication to the athletes? It trailed knowledge by just one mention.

I’ve often heard our more successful local coaches ask for input during games and practices. I’ve also heard athletes offer input. Often, when coaches act on the players suggestions, things turn out well. One of the more memorable communication moments in local sports came in the 2010 Etna v Quincy section championship softball game.

With the score tied 3-3, runners on second and third, and one out in the bottom of the seventh, Quincy decided to intentionally walk Etna’s Paige Finley. In softball, the defense can’t simply issue a walk to the batter. They must pitch to her. The first pitch to Finley bounced near the plate. Finley walked down the line and told third base coach Scott Pynes, “I can hit that.” Pynes said, “Go ahead.” Finley golfed the next pitch into left field, driving in the section winning run.

Quincy had just tied the game in the top of the inning with three runs and had the momentum in its favor. Had Pynes and Finley not been able to communicate well, Etna may not have won that championship. Obviously, Pynes also had trust and confidence in Finely, two attributes that were also mentioned multiple times by the athletes in the survey.

The third most mentioned trait of great coaches was passion—passion for the game, passion for winning, and passion for teaching the game.

Fourth was patience.

Fifth was the ability to motivate and inspire the athletes.

Being firm but caring was tied with commitment/dedication for sixth most mentioned attribute.

The seventh most mentioned trait was respect for the athletes.

Other things mentioned multiple times were being encouraging, having a positive attitude, team building/chemistry, loyalty, honesty/fairness, sportsmanship and being organized.

Here are a few quotes from the athletes

Great Leadership. The coach is the head leader of the team. Their actions and techniques will influence athletes, whether it’s negative or positive. A successful coach will be a great leader and also inspire intensity in the athletes through leading by example.
Passion For Their Job. A great coach will not just have passion for their sport but have passion for their job. Coaches should be enthusiastic about showing up to work with their team every single day. A coach’s passion drives an athlete’s passion. Athletes can tell when their coach doesn’t want to be there or doesn’t really care and that’s the worst impression a coach can give.
Knowledge of the Game. It is important to have lots of knowledge of the game and how it is played in order to implement game-winning strategies. Coaches also need to make quick decisions in intense moments and it takes a lot of knowledge to know which strategy is needed at the right time. – Kady Porterfield

Passion for the game. Knowledge of the sport, and relationships with the athletes. – Tyler Harris

Someone who takes the game to heart, and can’t get enough of it. An open mind about anything and everything that comes up. Having confidence in everyone on the team. – Kayla Spini


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Mad Chad’s Extreme Comedy and Skateboarding Show coming to COS stage

The College of the Siskiyous Performing Art Series and the COS Associated Student Body (ASB) will present Mad Chad’s Extreme Comedy Show, featuring comedian Chad Taylor. The comedy show, which contains comedy, juggling, and sports acrobatics, will be held Friday evening, September 6, at 7:00 pm, at the Weed Campus Kenneth W. Ford Theatre.

“It’s amazing how many people want to watch you do something stupid!” says comedian Mad Chad, as he juggles three running chainsaws, lights his finger on fire, and catches a 15-pound anvil with his head. It seems that Chad is right about this, as he frequently performs on national TV and at performing art centers, comedy clubs and colleges, around the world.

Chad Taylor grew up in Santa Monica, California, which is why he’s a grown adult and still rides a skateboard. Only now the skateboard has an alarm, a cellular phone and pager on it and he can juggle them all.

This skateboarding funnyman has performed his uniquely “L.A.” act on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, on NBC’s World’s Most Dangerous Acts, America’s Funniest People and television shows in Japan, Germany and Spain. He’s also had cameo’s in feature films such as Spiderman III, Step Up 3D and Progressive Insurance commercials.

As a juggler of careers as well as really bizarre objects, Chad Taylor also acts on screen: in such productions as Mr. Saturday Night, Pacific Blue, Nightstand, and two dozen national commercials. He’s produced a new video, “The Acts of Venice Beach,” and performs his wild ride of a show. His talents have caught the eye of some well known comedians. (more…)

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Junior Livestock Auction is Sunday, August 11

The 10th District Junior Livestock Auction Committee, JLAC, cordially invites everyone to celebrate in the completion of a lot of hard work and dedication at the Junior Livestock Auction Sunday, August 11 starting at 10:00 am sharp in the Parry’s Market – Sedge Nelson Livestock Arena.

These project animals, carefully groomed and exhibited at the Siskiyou Golden Fair have been a hands-on learning project for most of the last year. FFA teachers, 4-H leaders, parents and mentors have spent countless hours helping these great kids learn about agriculture, commitment, responsibility, leadership, with the end product available for lucky auction customers to purchase. Come on out, fill your freezer with the highest quality meat available and help our local youth.

This is a time for all those young people who have worked so hard in raising their animals to get some well-deserved recognition. These young people put in hundreds of cumulative hours on their projects to make sure that each animal is at its best. (more…)

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Siskiyou Golden Fair show schedule benefits animals and youth

The Siskiyou Golden Fair implemented a new show schedule for all junior livestock at the 2012 Siskiyou Golden Fair and the schedule will be used again in 2013.

“Variable weather conditions combined with animal and exhibitor safety have led us to trying a show schedule that should reduce stress on both the animals and junior exhibitors,” stated CEO, Cliff Munson. “Extreme temperatures and long days lead to heat fatigue on both animals and our youth.”

Again this year will be two day shows for Junior Beef, Sheep, Swine and Goats. Showmanship classes for the four species will be completed on the evening prior to market and breeding classes in an attempt to make the shows more exhibitor friendly. The entire Dairy show, both showmanship and breeding, has been moved to Friday night and small animal species are still on the single day show schedule. (more…)

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Weaverville Swim Meet photos by Maggie Nielsen part 2


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